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Luxembourg or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in the western part of Europe. The country shares its borders with Germany, France and Belgium. It is spread over an area of approximately 2,586 sq kms and is located between 49 deg and 51 deg N latitudes and 5 and 7 deg E longitudes. A representative democracy alongwith being a constitutional monarchy, the land is governed by a Grand Duke making it the only Grand Duchy in the world. The Luxembourg city is the capital of the country. German, French and Luxembourgish enjoy the status of official language in the country. Christianity is the predominant religion of Luxembourg with the majority of the people being Roman Catholics. It is a unitary parliamentary democracy. Euro is the official currency. It is a member of several international organizations like the NATO, the UN and the European Union. The country is divided into three districts, which is again subdivided into 12 cantons and further into 116 communes.

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  • : Located in western Europe, southeast of Belgium and between France and Germany, features information about the history and culture of Luxembourg.

  • AWC Luxembourg : Founded in 1959, aims to foster and encourage social, educational and cultural activities amoung the members in Luxembourg.

  • BLC : Social network for english speaking women living in and around Luxembourg.

  • Irish Club : Promoting Irish social, cultural and sporting activities in Luxembourg.

  • : Promotes and supports charitable activities undertaken by members of Oxford university in Luxembourg and elsewhere.

  • ONT : Providing information on hotels, hostels, restaurants, sports, campings, events and anything related to travel.

  • : Presenting Luxembourg city information on tourism, culture, hotels, accommodation, restaurants, attractions and much more.

  • Youth Hostels : Organization lists comprehensive range of information on hostels by locations.

  • Larochette : Experience the nature with amazing tourist spot, fine restaurants and cosy cafes in Luxembourg.

  • : Located in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, offering a range of language training, translation and interpretation services.

  • Network, The : Network empowers and encourages women to reach full potential in business.

  • AB Lux : Relocation and real estate services in Luxembourg.

  • New Insight : Online real estate agency specialized in properties for sale or rent in Luxembourg and abroad.

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