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Lithuania or officially the Republic of Lithuania is located in Northern Europe. The country is bordered by Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Kaliningrad. It lies between 53 deg and 57 deg N latitudes and 21 deg and 27 deg E longitudes. It is spread over an area of 65200 sq kms. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and also has the distinction of being the largest city in the country. It has a population of approximately 3.2 million. The majority of the population approximately 79% consists of Roman Catholics. Lithuanian is the official language of the land. It is a semi-presidential republic. The Lithuanian Litas is the official currency of the land. The country has a three tier administrative system wherein it is divided into 10 different counties which are further divided into sixty municipalities which are further subdivided into 500 different elderships.

Site Listings
  • SMM : Providing basic information about the republic of Lithuania ministry of education and science.

  • : Organisation established in 1990, promote the ideas of classical liberalism based on the principles of individual freedom and responsibility.

  • Transparency : Promoting civic anti-corruption initiatives and inform public about the anti-corruption activities in Lithuania.

  • : Provides educational and cultural services and serves the interests of Americans of Lithuanian heritage.

  • Lithuania Link : Charity of British-Lithuanian organisation, working to promote non-governmental activity.

  • : Directory represents searchable museums and virtual exhibitions by region.

  • : Tangible and intangible regional heritage enshrining city and region cultural identity, education, leisure time organization and scientific activity.

  • URM : Ministry of Foreign affairs provides news and information about Lithuanian's foreign policy.

  • IRVK : Co-ordinates the activities of ministries and governmental establishments.

  • : Weddding photo services by photographers Vilmantas Lazickas and Tomas Demenis.

  • Kaunas Air : Second largest passenger airport in the country, providing practical information about airport news and schedules services.

  • Palanga Airport : Located in the west part of Lithuania, offering flights regular schedule from Palanga ionternational airport that are operated by airBaltic, Norwegian Air Shuttle and SAS.

  • eTaksi : Searchable database for taxi in major cities, as well as rate information.

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