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  • Angele Maschinenbau : Leading supplier of blacksmiths in Europe. Offers a wide range of products for blacksmithing and metal design.

  • Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG : Producer of audio products and wireless systems in Germany.

  • ConRail GmbH : Specializes in selling, renting, hiring and leasing reefers containers, standard containers, refrigerated containers and more.

  • Konitz Porzellan GmbH : Offers a wide assortment of high quality coffee mugs and cups, espresso cups and finest tea products.

  • DUtrain GmbH : Independent company offering system operation and support services training for key staff in the electricity industry.

  • East Germany Today : Blog representing entrepreneurship and innovation in a post-industrial society.

  • German Taxation : Aims to provide an overview on taxation and social security withholdings in Germany.

  • German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce : Expert in providing services like VAT, German packaging ordinance compliance, also deals trade issues of German-sweden.

  • : Offers German official birth, death, marriage certificates, maintain vital records and other official documents.

  • HB-Verkehrsconsult GmbH : International consulting and engineering company in the area of transport planning and transport telematics. Offers traffic data studies, consulting in traffic control technologies and traffic concepts.

  • Haase Energietechnik GmbH : One of the market-leading company offering quality innovations in the treatment and upgrading of biogas, landfill gas, sewage, natural gas and leachate.

  • Hyatt Catering : Provides best catering facilities for different events in Germany.

  • IndustriePlanung Fischer : Concerned with manufacturing, logistics, IT, factory design.

  • Knochel Congresses & Events : Organises trade fair, exhibitions, conferences, meeting, arrange programmes for different events.

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