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  • Gentilis : Organization works on ancestors tracing based on civil and parish records to provide family tree.

  • Avenue France : Online resource to find information on France's culture, lectionaries, cuisine, history and more.

  • Eryica : Offers specialised information services, group workings, handy information about mobility, seminars, technical assistance missions and more services for youngsters in Europe.

  • History of Provence : Presenting about France ancient times by focusing on Provence. Provides details on French recolution, ruins, oppidum and more.

  • French Culture : Online resource shows French culture, science fictions, and editorials. Offers language construction kit.

  • French Revolution : Provides information on French revolution by articles, virtual exhibit of images and pictorial representations.

  • Genealogy Today : Website contains complete details about French surnames and genealogy.

  • History of the Paris Commune : Online resource for ancient workers government. Includes portraited pictures and listed events.

  • La Butte Montmartre : Website contains the history of Bohemian life and butte montmartre.

  • La French Page : Site providing information on French politics, sarcastic details of real life, culture and mentality.

  • Le Poulet Gauche : Historical recreation resource of France. Displays 16th century life and culture of the people.

  • Church in France : Contians the information of a Church in France while revolution of 1848.

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