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Albania is located in the South Eastern part of Europe and lies between 39 deg and 43 deg N latitudes and 19 deg and 21 deg E longitudes. It is spread over an area of 28748 sq kms. It shares its borders with countries like Kosovo, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. It is a Parliamentary democracy. Tirana is the capital of Albania. Albanian is the official language of the country. Lek is the currency of Albania. Islam is the predominant religion of the country with approximately 70% of the population being Muslims. The country is divided into 12 counties for all administrative purposes. These are further sub-divided into 36 districts and 373 municipalities.

Site Listings
  • Albania Dance Meeting : Providing details of program and workshops on international festival of modern and contemporary dance.

  • Acit Al : Premier research center on international trade and policies presents research details, activity highlights and report archives.

  • Organic Agriculture Association : Established in June 1997, promotes principles and practices of organic agriculture.

  • Alfa Information : Features buying, selling and renting properties information in Albania.

  • GDQ School : Educating international community children to have maximum influence for the glory of God in Tirana, Albania.

  • Keshill I Ministrave : Resource for information on various departments and services of Prime Minister his speeches, meeting notes and acts.

  • Institute Media : Co-ordinate and support the activities related to training journalist and media.

  • Frosina : Humanitarian organization dedicated to fulfill the needs of persons of Albanian origi.

  • Co Plan : Promotes economic development of the country by enabling good governance, developing civil society and empowering community participation.

  • NAAC : Promoting peace and economic development in the Balkans by fostering democratic policy, promoting respect for human rights and conducting educational and developmental programs.

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