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El Salvador is a country located in Central America between 13 deg and 15 deg N latitudes and 87 deg and 91 deg W longitudes. It shares its boundaries with Honduras and Gautemala. El Salvador means the “Republic of the Savior”. It is spread over an area of 21040 sq kms and has a population of 5,744,113. It is a Presidential Republic. The country is divided into 14 different departments and these are further subdivided into 262 municipalities. San Salvador is the capital of the land. Spanish is the official language. The US Dollar is the official currency. It enjoys a tropical kind of climate.

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  • Las Flores Resort : Describes the location and provides details of resort facilities that suits for family, couple and business travelers.

  • VOTB : Organization working to promote sustainable and equitable development of individuals in El Salvador.

  • Epic Surfing Adventures : Offers a wide variety of surfing tours on both the West and East coast, as well as cultural tours, accommodation reservation details and more.

  • Angel Fire - El Salvador : Organization dedicated to promote radio control car racing in El Salvador.

  • WOLA : Promotes human rights democracy, and social justice in Latin America.

  • AmCham - El Salvador : Developing and promoting United States of America's commercial interests in El Salvador.

  • Canada El Salvador : Promotes bilateral business relations between El Salvador and Canada through business, education, sports and cultural awareness.

  • Gateway El Salvador : Travel guide includes information on shopping, museums, galleries, parks and other activities for children.

  • El Salvador in Israel : Features complete information on El Salvador's economy, politics, enterprises and institutions.

  • Imerlet.com : Manufacturing company offering customers with quality apparel products and services.

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