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  • Borneo Child Aid : A not for profit NGO of Malaysia provides educational activities for children leaving in plantations and remote areas of the Sabah state in Borneo.

  • Community Recycle for Charity : Provides environmental friendly practices of recycling to protect the environment for future generations.

  • CCM Malaysia : The National Council of Churches and Universal Christian organization. Founded on a common belief that God has revealed.

  • NMS : The Nottingham Malaysian Society aims to introduce nations diverse, vibrant culture to both the local and international students community through various activities and events.

  • Malaysian Mensa : Mensa is a round-table society for the people with higher IQ to provide a stimulating opportunity for the mind.

  • WAO : A non-profit organization of Malaysia assisting in counseling, eliminating violence against women, and to provide shelter for the abused women and their children.

  • MNAWF : National animal welfare foundation of Malaysia founded in 1998 aims to promote caring society for awareness and balanced approach to well being of the animals.

  • MBA : Malaysian Bengali community association showcases community spirit and ethnic pride.

  • MAB : Assists and empowers people with visual impairment. Provides vocational training, job placement, sports & recreation and other activities.

  • FES Malaysia : A co-ordinating body of Malaysia to strengthen Christian students through training, counseling, different activities and events.

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