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  • Tenshi Shop : An online shopping store specializing in Gothic & Lolita style clothing from Japan. Offers in-store shopping, internet shopping, and auction site shopping services.

  • Japa Mart : Provides deputy service for Yahoo! Japan auction and online shopping. Ships products directly from Japan.

  • Noppin : Helps customers with buying products from Japan auctions and online stores.

  • From Japan : A shopping and bidding service agency, which avails the customers to get Japanese products more easily.

  • Treasure Japan : Acts as a proxy service for Japan online shopping and auction of products such as fashion, clothing, shoes, and much more.

  • Tenso : Offers international forwarding service to ship Japanese products from shopping websites internationally.

  • BridGe.jpn : Assists customers to buy Japanese merchandises from online sites and actual stores.

  • : Places the bid/order on customer's behalf in Japan domestic market such as yahoo Japan auction, mbok mobaoku auction, amazon Japan, rakuten, etc.

  • Goody Japan : Offers proxy service for Japan auction and online shopping like yahoo Japan auction,, and other shopping sites.

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