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  • Eye-Ai : A monthly magazine in English covers Japanese entertainment and culture news. Presents top interviews and monthly news and views of popular artists, trendy dramas, hit TV shows and more.

  • TV Japan : A 24-hour premium Japanese language channel providing a wide variety of programs including live news, drama and movies, documentaries and many more.

  • Japan Markt : A German-language magazine focusing on Japanese business published from Tokyo. Includes news on economy, politics, and society as well as current trends.

  • Idea Magazine : The quarterly magazine focuses on graphic design and typography published from Tokyo. Contains books, events and news details.

  • Nihon Sun : An online culture and travel magazine in Japan. Includes news on history, events, festivals, life style, images of gardens and sumo sports.

  • Fukuoka Now : A bilingual monthly magazine published in English and Japanese language since 1998.

  • Asahi Shimbun, The : Morning and evening edition news daily of Japan. Covers nation and Asian news on culture, business, readers column and many other topics.

  • Kyodo News : Provides news updates of politics, economy, business, society, sports, etc.

  • Japan Times, The : Provides economy news and analysis on Japan and overseas topics of business.

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