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  • Study in Japan : A comprehensive guide for students. Works for the students with an objective to offer preparatory education in the Japanese language, Japanese society and culture, and other necessary subjects.

  • Japan Study Support : An online guide for those who wish to study in Japan or are now studying in Japanese universities, graduate schools, special training colleges. Helps to find information about Japan universities, scholarships, guides for living, and more.

  • JWCPE : Works for the welfare of women by providing them the knowledge of physical education, health and career for their better future.

  • : Helps to find English-based undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs available at Japanese universities.

  • McGill : One of the leading universities offering MBA programs.

  • Kyoto University : Offers Japanese language classes for international students and researchers.

  • Aoyoma Gakuin University : Established in the year 1949, pursues a broad scope of academic study under a flexible framework set up in conjunction with the university

  • Kudan Institute of Language & Culture : Offers multiple courses on Japanese language and culture.

  • Japan Education : Provides information about education, Japan study, universities, colleges, and schools in Japan.

  • Jasso : Provides excellent preparatory education of Japanese language and core subjects.

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