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  • China Kontor : Guide to know the daily updates, weather conditions, travel offers, shopping, etc about China.

  • Yutopian : Web portal that offers directories, cultural information, and shopping center. Information about tourist services, operators, etc in China are found.

  • Rough Guides : Online guide that provides articles, latest updates, things not to miss, itenaries, gallery of images, discussions, and much more about China.

  • China-On-Site : Online resource to know about Chinese culture, cuisines, cooking, literature, architecture, gardening, travel, etc.

  • Beijing Page, The : Online directory that provides comprehensive pages and sites about Beijing transport, food, accomodation, entertainment, community, shopping, etc.

  • Oriental Travel : Travel guide to know about various cities in China and Taiwan. Details on hotel and accomodation, travel packages, sightseeing places, etc are mentioned.

  • Chinese Business : An online guide that helps people know more about business activities like trading, investment banking, expat services, travel booking, opportunities in China, etc are included. General details like shopping and sightseeing in China are included as well.

  • China Vista : Online travel guide to know about various places in China. Contains details about attractions, culture, and general stuff about travelling in China.

  • China Highlights : Travel guide that helps tourists know about various places in China. Provides trip planning suggestions, cultural tips, safety and security tips, details on hotel and accommodation, etc, for a smooth stay for visitors in China.

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