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The Republic of Sudan is a country located in the northern part of the continent of Africa. It lies between 8 deg and 22 deg N latitudes and 21 deg and 39 deg E longitudes. It shares its borders with Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Chad, Central African Republic and Libya. A federal presidential democratic republic, Sudan is divided into 15 different states which are further divided into districts. It is spread over an area of 1,886,068 sq kms. Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. Arabic and English are the official languages here. The Sudanese pound is the official currency of Sudan. The population of the land is approximately 30 million. Islam is the predominant population of the land with approximately 97% of the people being Muslims.

Site Listings
  • Miraya FM : Providing independent news and information to national, regional and international audiences in Arabic and English.

  • Blue Bird Sudan : Providing services related to aircraft charter, maintenance and ground handling in Sudan.

  • Marsland ACI : Established in 2001, providing passenger and cargo flights for travel, tourist and business. Includes details of destinations, timetable, bookings and frequent flying.

  • ECOS Online : Organizations working for peace and justice in Sudan.

  • Nile Kids : Online magazine in English for Sudanese kids, offering songs, music and penpal letters.

  • Sudan Online : News and information center for business, science and technology, sports, health and education.

  • Amzar : Trading services company supplying both local and international a wide range of Sudanese produce at competitive prices.

  • Niletechna : Assisting clients in registration of local and international patents, trademarks and copyrights.

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