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The Somali Republic is located in the Horn of Africa. It lies between 2 deg S and 12 deg N latitudes and 41 deg and 52 deg E longitudes. It shares its borders with Djibouti, Kenya, the Gulf of Aden, Ethiopia and Yemen. Somalia mainly consists of plains, highlands and plateaus and has a distinct advantage of having the longest coastline among all the countries of the African continent. Mogadishu is the capital of the country. Somali and Arabic are the official languages here. The population of the country is approximately 10 million. Islam is the predominant religion in Somalia. The Somali Shilling is the official currency. The country is divided into 18 different regions for all administrative purposes. These are further subdivided into districts.

Site Listings
  • Daryeel : Company specialized in constructing residential and commercial properties.

  • Telcom Somalia : Largest and leading tele-communications network operator in Somalia.

  • Jubba Airways : Providing flights to destinations in Somalia, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and more.

  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa : Hotel located just 1.4 Km from the international airport, describes details of rooms and online booking.

  • Madhibaan : Supporting the rights of all Madhibaan people, living mainly in the Horn of Africa.

  • IPRT : Established in 1998, promoting local initiatives in health, education, human rights and government in Somaliland.

  • Somaliland Times : Independent weekly english newspaper covers local, regional and international news.

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