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The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country situated in the western part of the continent of Africa. It lies between 4 deg and 14 deg N latitudes and 2 deg and 15 deg E longitudes. It shares its borders with Chad, Benin, Niger and Cameroon. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and Lagos the largest city. Naira is the official currency of the land. Islam is the predominant religion of Nigeria with approximately 50.4% of the people being Muslims. A federal constitutional republic, the country is divided into 36 different regions and a capital city for all administrative purposes. These are further subdivided into 774 different local Government areas.

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  • Peacock Travels & Tours : Travel management company providing solutions for recreation, leisure and business trips.

  • Sentinel Travels : Providing educational and adventure tours for students and individuals seeking leisure and thrills.

  • World Travel Guide - Nigeria : Providing latest information on Nigeria that includes weather, key places to visit, attractions, hotels, restaurants, events, shopping and nightlife.

  • Leisure Afrique : Providing detailed information on different tour packages of Nigeria.

  • FO Akinrele : Established in 1959, focusing on general litigation, with an emphasis on criminal, succession and land law.

  • IGI Nigeria : Largest insurance company in Nigeria, delivers insurance products and services, especially in oil and energy, engineering, aviation and industrial risk management.

  • IITA : Organization develops agricultural solutions to tackle hunger and poverty in Nigeria.

  • Motherland Nigeria : Informative and fun site of Nigeria, includes country information, transition to democracy update, music, photos, humor, kidzone and much more.

  • NIG : Non governmental organisation dedicated in promotion and growth of internet in Nigeria.

  • : Site describes history, culture, climate, investment opportunities, tourist attractions and holiday resorts of Nigeria.

  • Nigeria World : Portal featuring general information on politics, economic news and articles on Nigeria.

  • NGR Guardian News : Independent newspaper established to present latest news on business, sports, politics, real estate and more.

  • FCT : Site includes information about education, transport, agriculture, rural development, legal services and more.

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