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The Republic of Niger is a country located on the western part of the African continent. . The country gets its name from the famous Niger river. It lies between 11 deg and 24 deg N latitudes and 0 deg and 16 deg E longitudes It shares its borders with Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Mali, Chad and Libya. It occupies an area of approximately 1,270,000 sq kms. Niger holds the distinction of being the largest country in West Africa. Niamey is the capital of Niger. French is the official language of the land. The West African Franc is the official currency of the country. Islam is the predominant religion of the land with more than 90% of the people being Muslims. A semi-presidential republic, the country is divided into 7 different regions and a capital district.

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  • : Covering wide range of topics that includes economic development, human rights, news, politics, government, education, sport tourism and more.

  • AFDB - Niger : African development bank contains economic profile with details of projects, key facts and contacts.

  • Eco Bank - Niger : Source for information on the role of bank, branches, statistical date and financial reports.

  • CIA - Niger : Resource for information on chiefs of state and cabinet members of Niger.

  • Canada International - Niger : Provides location, contacts and bilateral relations between Canada and Niger.

  • Amnesty - Niger : Human rights information resource.

  • CRS - Niger : Provides information on the history, donation details and news updates of catholic relief services.

  • Friends of Niger : Non-profit organization supports activities, as well as promoting peace and friendship related to Niger and its people.

  • Grand Hotel Niger : Providing services like catering, wedding receptions and birthdays celebrations among others.

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