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The Republic of Ghana is located in the Western part of the African continent. The country lies between 4 deg and 12 deg N latitudes and 4 deg W and 2 deg E longitudes. Ghana is spread over an area of 238,535 sq kms. The country has a population of approximately 24 million people. The country shares its borders with Cote d Ivoire, Togo and Burkina Faso. Accra is the capital of the country. English is the official language of the land which is used for all official documentation purposes and also is the medium used in educational institutions. Ghana Cedi is the official currency. Ghana holds the distinction of being the second largest cocoa producer in the entire world. It is a constitutional presidential republic. The country is divided into 10 regions for all administrative purposes, it comprises of 170 different districts.

Site Listings
  • CATO International : Specialized in cross-cultural education travel for children to Ghana.

  • Global Volunteers : Organization improves the lives of children and their families as a volunteer in Ghana.

  • Akwaaba Beach : Charming guest house and beach resort located in Accra, Ghana, perfect place for relaxing.

  • Ghana Expeditions : Features an interactive map of the country with detailed information of different regions.

  • Info Ghana : Provides a range of information with details on lodges and tour packages for tourists and travelers visiting the country.

  • Amnesty - Ghana : News, resources and information on human rights of Ghana.

  • Afromix - Ghana : Database contains an extensive information and resources related to music, artists and instruments.

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