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Gambia or the Republic of the Gambia is located in the western part of the African continent. It is situated between 13 deg and 14 deg N latitudes and 13 deg and 17 deg W longitudes. The Gambia River flows through the centre of the country before it finally meets the Atlantic Ocean Gambia is spread over an area of 10,500 sq kms.. It has a population of approximately 1,700,000. Banjul is the capital of Gambia and Serekunda is the largest city. A Presidential Republic, Gambia is divided into 5 divisions and a city. Dalasi is the official currency of Gambia. Islam is the major religion in Gambia with approximately 90% people being Muslims.

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  • Kim Kombo : Produces a range of Gambian fruit and chocolate liqueurs using home grown fruits and fresh produce from the local markets.

  • Guest House : Guesthouses set in natural tropical garden, offering various accommodation option, activities, trips and more.

  • Kairaba Hotel : Five star hotel situated on the beach of Kololi, features amenities, activities and accommodation reservations.

  • Senegambia Hotel : Largest hotel in Gambia, provides information on hotel booking and related facilities.

  • Gambia Hotels : Hotels listed by location includes pictures, special offers, maps and much more.

  • Bijilo Beach Hotel : Located 12 km from the Airport, offering richly appointed accommodations and breathtaking views of Atlantic Ocean.

  • Bintang Bolong : Eco lodge on the bank of river Gambia, featuring attractions and area information.

  • African Drumming : Located at Balaba nature camp on the southern Gambian coast, offering traditional West African dancing course.

  • Gamtel : Company creating brighter future in telecommunications.

  • AGIB : Delivering customised and unique banking solutions to customer.

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