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Eritrea or the State of Eritrea is located in the continent of Africa, more specifically the Horn of Africa. It is spread over an area of 117,600 sq kms. It is located between 12 deg and 18 deg N latitudes and 36 deg and 44 deg E longitudes. It shares its borders with Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Asmara is the capital of Eritrea. The population of the land is approximately 5 million. There is no single language that has been given the status of being the official language, however, Tigrinya and Arabic are the predominant languages. The country is divided into 6 distinct regions which are further subdivided into different districts. Christianity and Islam are the predominant religions in Eritrea.

Site Listings
  • Embassy Eritrea : Contains details of legal services, passport, visa, news, guidelines and other related matters.

  • Columbia - Eritrea : Resource for information on Eritrea's education, language, culture, politics, human rights and economic development.

  • African Bird Club - Eritrea : Provides a summary of Eritrea birds for birders interested.

  • African Conservation - Eritrea : Preserves Africa’s wildlife by supporting and conducting conservation projects throughout the continent.

  • EarthTrends : Eritrea's environmental information portal.

  • Oiseaux - Eritrea : Database features information on Eritrea's migratory and native birds.

  • Amnesty - Eritrea : Providing a range of news and information on human rights of Eritrea.

  • Irin News - Eritrea : Resource for humanitarian news and analysis on Eritrea.

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