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The Republic of Djibouti is situated in the African continent. The country shares its boundaries with Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. The country has a population of approximately 818,159 people. The predominant religion here is Islam with approximately 94% followers. Djibouti is the capital of the country. Arabic and French are the official languages. It is a semi-presidential republic. Djibouti is spread over an area of 23,200 sq kms. The official currency here is Franc. It is situated between 10 deg and 13 deg N latitudes and 41 deg and 44 deg E longitudes. The country is divided into 5 different regions comprising of 11 districts.

Site Listings
  • Birds of Djibouti : Database contains list of Djibouti birds family, pictures and classification.

  • Hejleh - Djibouti : Provides general information about Djibouti. Includes geography, history, population and more.

  • ReliefWeb - Djibouti : Provides information on in-depth profiles, updates and reports on countries and disasters.

  • At a glance - Djibouti : Clinics in Djibouti working together to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

  • WFP - Djibouti : Food agency provides details of activities, country programmes, news and contacts of Djibouti.

  • African Bird Club - Djibouti : Presents information on birding, hotspots, conservation and visiting Djibouti.

  • GCMD - Djibouti : Providing research and environmental information related to Djibouti.

  • African Studies Center - Djibouti : Online resources provides a range of information related to Djibouti maps,languages, music and more.

  • Djibouti country profile : Offers an overview of Djibouti politics, history, culture and news outlets.

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