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The Republic of the Congo is situated in Central Africa. It shares its borders with Cameroon, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Brazzaville is the capital of the country. It is a Presidential Republic with French as its official language. Congo is spread over an area of 342,000 sq kms. The Central African CFA Franc is the official currency here. The country is divided into 12 departements for all administrative purposes. It is located between 4 deg N and 5 deg S latitudes and 11 deg and 19 deg E longitudes. Christianity is the predominant religion in the land with the majority approximately 51% being Catholics.

Site Listings
  • IMF - Congo : Providing information on news, public notices, statistics and updates of current and past financial status of Congo.

  • South Travels - Hotel Kinshasa : Hotel situated in the heart of business and embassy district, features rooms, facilities, equipments and general information of accommodation.

  • Africa Guide - Congo : Travel guide for local and foreign visitors located on the western coastline of Central Africa, with overview on tours and safari services, accommodations and culture of the country.

  • Ethnologue - Languages of Congo : List of languages in Congo arranged according to alternate names, dialects, classification and location, population and the region.

  • IgoUgo - Kinshasa Hotels : Providing a range of information on location, rates, services and facilities of grand Kinshasa hotels.

  • Congo - Music : Providing details on recording mucis albums by different musical artists.

  • Congo Planet : Contains videos and pictures on matters like contemporary events and happenings in entertainment industry.

  • Congo Photo Gallery : Featuring pictures of people, cities, tourist attractions and interesting facts of the country.

  • African Development Bank - Congo : Focusing mainly on support to basic infrastructure, especially in the area of drinking water supply, sanitation, as well as improving business climate.

  • Congo - An Overview : Information page that contains Congo country profile, economic and travel overviews and directories of companies, people, industry sectors, facilities and events.

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