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The Republic of Cape Verde is an archipelago comprising ten beautiful islands. It is located away from the coast of Western Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. It is spread over an area of approximately 4000 sq kms. Cape Verde is located between 14 deg and 18 deg N latitudes and 22 deg and 26 deg W longitudes. Praia is the capital. Portuguese is the official language here. Cape Verdan Escudo is the official currency of Cape Verde. A parliamentary republic, it is divided into 22 municipalities for all administrative purposes. These are further subdivided into 32 parishes.

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  • FIFA - Cape Verde : Providing information on country's participation in FIFA along with news, results, ranking, goal programme and other updates.

  • Surf Cabo Verde : Destination for beginners and experts, to learn or to rent kite and wind surf on Cabo Verde.

  • Oiseaux - Cape Verde : Contains a database of more than 160 migratory birds including classification, photos and family.

  • Fly TACV Cabo Verde Airlines : Air transportation company, providing schedules, timetables and flight information plus details of products and services.

  • Cape Verde Experience : Arranging travel and holidays to West Africa as well as providing details of flights, hotels, packages and booking services.

  • Cape Verde Travel : Island specialized in arranging holiday requirements and excursion programs with list of other activities.

  • Weather Underground : Specialized in providing weather information for worldwide locations, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar and satellite maps.

  • Afrol - Cape Verde : Resource for articles on various topics related to the country range from agriculture and nutrition to travel and leisure.

  • Capoverde News : News and information about the islands, sports, real estate, travel and more.

  • Africa Basket - Cape Verdean Basketball : Resource for news and information on men and women's basketball in Cape Verdean.

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