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Algeria or the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is located in the northern part of Africa. Algiers is the capital of the country. The country occupies an area of 2,400,000 sq kms with a population of 35.7 million. A majority of the population is made up of Algerian Arabs with the official language of the country being Arabic. French too is a language that is understood by a majority of the people and is also studied in the educational institutions of the land. Islam is the dominant religion of the region. It is located between 19 deg and 37 deg N latitudes and 9 deg W and 12 deg E longitudes. The country holds the distinction of being the largest country on the Mediterranean Sea and the eleventh largest country in the world. Algeria is bordered by Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mali and Mauritania. Algeria is divided into 48 provinces with 553 districts and 1541 municipalities. The President is the Head of the State.

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