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Branding is an important part of the marketing strategy of any organization. Brand is any sign, symbol, name or symbol that distinguishes the product of one seller from the other. Proper branding is essential to create brand loyalty and to stand out from the crowd of providers. Branding is an effective tool that helps the organization to create the desired image of the product and the enterprise in the minds of the potential customers. It can create great results for the organization and turn potential customers into loyal clients for life. Branding helps the customers to identify and connect with the product or service. Creating the right brand image is of utmost importance for the desired results. With a very competitive atmosphere and each enterprise trying to capture a larger share of the market, developing and strong brand has come to be of great significance for any and every organization.

Site Listings
  • All About Branding : Provides information and opinions on branding including brand development, management and communications.

  • Brand Infection : Provides resource on branding, marketing, advertising, products, design and more.

  • Brandits & Netizens : A comprehensive and free online Ecommerce and social shopping platform which helps in branding and promote products & services to targeted netizens through network of brandits.

  • Smartimage - Image Management Made Simple : Specializes in providing image asset management solution with resource for sharing and managing the images that represent the brand. Includes easy-to-use interface which allows users to include guidelines on how images are to be used, creating brand consistency.

  • Pink Jacket Creative : Advertising agency located at Downtown Dallas, specialized in advertising creative, media, buzz marketing, web design, graphic design, brand development, social media greatness and more.

  • Autografik Design : Offering tailored branding and brand communication solutions to growing companies and small to medium enterprises across Wales and South West of England.

  • : Established in 2002, London based branding company develops and implements brand strategies.

  • Keen Branding : Specialized in creating, managing and maximizing the value of companies products and service brands.

  • Creative Brand : Founded in 2003 by Jeff Stephens, an experiential branding consultant and full-service marketing agency for innovative banks and credit unions.

  • Abbey DPM : London based, UK, branding consultants, specialized in business communications, supplying tailored customer contact solutions to both established enterprises and rapidly growing businesses in every sector of the market.

  • Latham & Company : Authentic, brand-centered management consulting firm builds brands or redefines and repositions existing brands.

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