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An apartment is a housing unit which occupies a part of a building. An apartment is also called a flat. The growth in the real estate market has given rise to many apartments and a tough competition is seen among different builders and construction firms who are involved in this business. As a result, a variety of apartments are seen in the market, each one with its own unique feature. Some of these are: studio apartment, garden apartment, loft, penthouse, business/service apartment, garage apartments, apartment hotels and so on. Apartments can be used for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Some of them are owned by individuals, while others are given on rent or lease. The number of people availing the services of apartments is growing day by day as open spaces in the cities have become increasingly scarce. Therefore, an apartment has become very important component of a modern city.

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Apartment Service

Provider of temporary serviced accommodation requirements worldwide. Located in UK.


Residential developers, who develop properties and also helps individuals to lease apartments.

  • Apartment Ratings : Online community to know about rental housing. Located in California.

  • Apartment Therapy : Provides variety of resources and ideas for people to make their homes beautiful and organized. Includes online community.

  • Apartment Guide : Helps individuals finding their apartment through internet, social networks, and printing solutions.

  • Homes 4 Sale in Paradise : Marcel Beaumont sells south Florida condos and apartments to Canadians looking for a second home in the winter, a winter vacation home, or an investment.

  • Retirement in the Florida Panhandle : A senior citizen living apartment in the Florida Panhandle provides all the comforts of home from indoor heated pools to a fitness center with stationary bikes and treatments and many more.

  • Millennium Waterway : Residential developers, who develop properties and also helps individuals to lease apartments.

  • Arab Spring : Online library that provides details on Egyptian revolution, history, ancient literature, etc.

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