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Hindi is the language that is spoken mainly in the northern and central parts of India. It is based on the Devnagari script. It also holds pride of place being the national language of India. It is the official language in India and is part of the list of scheduled languages. The language is also used for official correspondence especially in Government offices. It is now spoken in many parts of the country and is one of the most widely spoken and used languages in India. The Hindi literary scene too is very rich with creations of varied kinds like poetry and pros contributed by eminent Hindi authors. Hindi is also used in the making of movies and is the language for all the Bollywood movies.

Site Listings
  • Best Hindi Websites : Website dedicated to students and teachers of the hindi language.

  • Colostate.edu : Source to find resource on Hindi language.

  • Digital Dialects : Online games for learning Hindi Language. Suitable for learners at different stages and levels.

  • Hindi Guru : Hindi language school offering language learning courses to foreigners/NRIs.

  • Hindi Learner : Helps in learning Hindi language online. Includes lessons, tutorials, courses, dictionary, software and more.

  • HindiGym : Free online resource assiting in learning Hindi langauge for kids of all ages at home, school and around the world. Materials include books, letters, vowels, numbers and more.

  • HindiLanguage.org : Provides resources on Hindi language. Includes Hindi dialects, grammar, schools, dictionary and more.

  • Let?s Learn Hindi : Spoken, written and studied widely throughout India, features unique language learning system used in books and CD.

  • Lingvozone.com : Provides information on Hindi language featuring alphabets, pronunciation rules, grammar and more.

  • MultiLingualBooks.com : Offers free Hindi lessons and language courses with information on exercises, podcasts, video lessons, alphabets, dictionaries, lexicons, verb conjugations, articles and more.

  • Wikipedia - Hindi Language : Provides comprehensive information on Hindi language.

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