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The potentiality of the population of a country is responsible to the prosperity of its business and economy. A flourishing economy not only indicates the excellence in trade and commerce but also power to nurture the available opportunities. One of the leading factors can be attributed to the gifts bestowed by nature on that particular land, which perhaps include the resources available to it for further exploitation that eventually leads to the development of that economy. Germany can be ranked 8th among the 43 countries of the European region, with its economic freedom mark touching 73.4 which reflects humble improvements in the freedom of investment, labour, and trade. Along with this double-digit gains that have been achieved in the areas of market openness and limited government continue to highlight competitiveness of Germany in global commerce and ensure dynamic financial augmentation. The industrialized economy of Germany, the largest in Europe, is well incorporated into the worldwide marketplace and generates strategic policies to manipulate average per capita incomes, is among the highest in the world. Germany has achieved the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and remains, both politically and economically, the most prominent nation in the European region.

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  • Angele Maschinenbau : Leading supplier of blacksmiths in Europe. Offers a wide range of products for blacksmithing and metal design.

  • Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG : Producer of audio products and wireless systems in Germany.

  • ConRail GmbH : Specializes in selling, renting, hiring and leasing reefers containers, standard containers, refrigerated containers and more.

  • DUtrain GmbH : Independent company offering system operation and support services training for key staff in the electricity industry.

  • East Germany Today : Blog representing entrepreneurship and innovation in a post-industrial society.

  • German Taxation : Aims to provide an overview on taxation and social security withholdings in Germany.

  • German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce : Expert in providing services like VAT, German packaging ordinance compliance, also deals trade issues of German-sweden.

  • : Offers German official birth, death, marriage certificates, maintain vital records and other official documents.

  • Haase Energietechnik GmbH : One of the market-leading company offering quality innovations in the treatment and upgrading of biogas, landfill gas, sewage, natural gas and leachate.

  • HB-Verkehrsconsult GmbH : International consulting and engineering company in the area of transport planning and transport telematics. Offers traffic data studies, consulting in traffic control technologies and traffic concepts.

  • Hyatt Catering : Provides best catering facilities for different events in Germany.

  • IndustriePlanung Fischer : Concerned with manufacturing, logistics, IT, factory design.

  • Knochel Congresses & Events : Organises trade fair, exhibitions, conferences, meeting, arrange programmes for different events.

  • Konitz Porzellan GmbH : Offers a wide assortment of high quality coffee mugs and cups, espresso cups and finest tea products.

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