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Encryption refers to the process of coding information using a particular algorithm. The information is coded or encrypted in a form that cannot be read or understood by anyone else other than those who have the key to it. Encryption is used for high security reasons and so that the confidential information is not passed on into wrong hands. Technology has made it easy to transfer data or information. However, with ease and comfort come the related problems too. Hacking into information and information being misused is one of the biggest of dangers. Security has come to be a matter of major concern with computers and the online world. With many hackers devising methods to break in to systems, encryption and other measures for ensuring security has become very important. There are several businesses that specialize in security and provide all kind of security solutions for systems. Security and related measures is one that is only going to grow by the day with the growing number of threats.

Site Listings
  • : Established in 2003 by Ken Bretschneider, provides encryption available in a variety of options designed to meet the needs of customers.

  • Anti Trojan : Independent software review site based in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, providing information on removing trojan virus from computer.

  • ACSAC : Developing practical solutions to problems relating to network, system and information security also provides tutorials on current security topics, a workshop on hot topics, panels on controversial subjects and a technical track consisting of peer-reviewed papers.

  • EICAR : European institute for computer anti-virus research founded in 1991, an independent and impartial platform for IT-security experts in the field of science, research, development, implementation and management.

  • Virus Bulletin : Dedicated to provide PC users with a regular source of information about computer viruses, prevention, detection and removal and how to recover programs and data following an attack.

  • Symantec : Offers computer security solutions to manage IT risk and maximize IT performance for business. Includes norton antivirus, internet security and anti-spyware products.

  • : Providing a range of managed services to protect, control, encrypt and archive electronic communications. Includes anti-spam filter, virus protection, email archiving, anti-spyware and more.

  • 2-Spyware : Largest sources of security information on the Internet that provides clear and professionally written parasite removal instructions, anti-spyware software reviews and relevant articles.

  • : Provides wide range of Web security technology to companies and service providers including 3Com, Check Point, F-Secure, Openwave, Panda Security, Mirapoint, Sendmail, Tumbleweed, and WatchGuard, for integration into their solutions.

  • SSL Post : Email encryption software for sending epayslips by secure email.

  • EyeNetWatch : Distributor of biometric security applications and technology. These include fingerprint, iris and smart card scanner systems to prevent unauthorised access to hardware and data.

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