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Satellite is an object that is a technological marvel and a creation of the superb human brain. It is an object set in orbit and controlled by computers. The movement and positioning of the satellites send out into space are all tracked and controlled with the help of computers. Satellites are evidence of development in technology and the superiority of the human brain. Several hundred thousand satellites of different sizes have been launched into space by different countries for multiple purposes. Satellites are mainly used for military purposes, weather forecasting and reporting, for communication, navigational purposes to name a few. Satellites transmit important findings and are extremely helpful for research and other purposes. Satellites have proved to be an important tool by countries for collecting information for military intelligence and also weather among other uses. With images being transferred by satellites on a regular basis, updated information is available for planning and decision making in various fields.

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  • : Providing total communication systems and network support services from engineering to installation, total turn key solutions and support to team on a worldwide basis.

  • : High speed satellite internet access for small and medium entreprises to share high speed internet access over the LAN.

  • Internet Any Where : Providing company or government agency MotoSAT datastorm mobile satellite internet antenna.

  • Opti Streams : Satellite network operator and communications provider specialized in VSAT satellite solutions for state and municipality government applications.

  • Skyview Satellite : Formed in 1995, specialized in news and sports programming throughout North America.

  • Vsat-Systems : Provides wholesale satellite internet service for VAR, VNO and business customers, featuring mobile satellite internet, vsat satellite internet, satellite telephone over VSAT satellite Internet networks.

  • RAM Telecom : Satellite service provider, providing flexible, scalable solutions for broadband data and voice business communications.

  • Foxcom : Global provider of advanced communication solutions for professional satellite world, delivering broadband to multiple-dwelling and garden-style residences.

  • Satellite Today : An online source for business news, market research and competitive analysis for satellite enabled communications.

  • Lyng Sat : Provides technical data for satellite TV and radio channels worldwide in the Ku, C and S bands.

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