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Networking refers to a network of connections for exchanging information. Computers are networked to facilitate easy transfer and access to data. Networks may be broadly classified as LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) depending on the area covered. LAN or the local area network is generally restricted to a particular home, office or a building whereas the area covered under WAN or Wide area network is much wider comprising a while city or town or the entire world like the network established by the internet. The network is established by a number of computers connected to one another. The network designs too are of different types namely the peer to peer and the client server. The peer to peer network is mainly used on a informal level as compared to the client server that serves businesses. Networking has ensured a quick pace of activity and readily accessible data. Time and effort saving tool is what networking is all about.

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  • LANStar : Computer technicians offering wide range of IT support and services on Dell, HP, Microsoft, Apple and Mac computers.

  • Network24 : Offering a full range of computer network design and cabling installation solutions from Structured cabling to data centre design and build.

  • Network Crazy : Offers solutions for complex local and wide area data networks, network security, remote access, real-time data backup, disaster data recovery and more.

  • eTribeca : Located in New York City, a systems integrator specializing in WiFi technologies.

  • SCIL : Provide network design, installation, management and security consultant services to buinesses in UK.

  • : Owned and operated business, located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, provides personnel that would allow foresight to grow and maintain the high standard of service.

  • Nit Connect : Company offering wide range of computer network setup, support, repair and troubleshooting services in New York.

  • Network Computing : Delivering timely strategy, news, in-depth features, reviews, opinionated blogs, newsletters and digital issues on an array of key enterprise technologies.

  • IT Computer Support NYC : IT tech support specialized in computer repair, managed IT services, network systems management, data security, IT help desk services and more in New York, Long Island and New Jersey.

  • : Global leader in secure communications solutions to connect and control any type of equipment through internet.

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