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Multimedia as the term suggests refers to a combination of different media. Conveying information with the use of different media like text, animation, graphics, audio and video is what comprises the world of multimedia. Multimedia is a digital media and uses a variety of electronic media for communicating content. Multimedia has been used extensively in presentations and other forms of communication where it can be displayed on a variety of devices. This form of communication adds the interactive element and thus, has a wider reach and has the ability to make any topic more interesting. Graphics refer to the illustrative display of information. Graphics may take just about any shape from line drawings, illustrations, symbols, pictures to name a few. Graphics are a part of multimedia and are used to communicate data or convey information. A result of the development of electronic and digital technology graphics and multimedia have come to be used extensively in everyday life in some form or the other. Graphics have an artistic angle to them and so a graphic artist needs to have a good understanding of shapes and colors and how they are perceived.

Site Listings
  • Web Graphics Directory : Provides resource on web graphics websites including banners, buttons, favicons, adobe flash, userbars, colors, coordinated sets, image management tools, interfaces and more.

  • Gateway Multimedia : An offshore multimedia development company specializes in graphic designing and animations including 2D animation, 3D animation, cel animation and character development.

  • AniStock : One of the largest resource for video backgrounds, video loops and animated backgrounds.

  • Background Labs : Offering a wide variety of patterns and graphics for use in customizing myspace pages, websites and blogs.

  • Stock Vault : Photo sharing website where designers and photographers can share stock photos and images.

  • Motion Toonz : Based in India specialized in multimedia services includes graphic designing, animation including 2D & 3D, advertising and more.

  • 3d Design - Adobe : dobe photoshop CS5 extended software provides solutions for advanced digital imaging. Redefines editing with 3D design extrusions and breakthrough painting and selection capabilities.

  • Media Chance : Privately owned company provides users with easy-to-use, affordable multimedia, video, DVD authoring and graphic solutions since 1996.

  • Multi Media Library : Online resource for educational materials for HTML, javaScript, java, lingo, macromedia director, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere, adobe after effects, soundedit 16, elastic reality, logomotion, flash and other multimedia tools.

  • : Providing services ranging from graphic design and illustration, 3D modeling and animation, in both static HTML and interactive design using flash technologies, e-commerce solutions for small to medium size businesses.

  • : Offering wide range of customized website design services including PHP, JSP and e-commerce web development and a wide range of design and graphics services.

  • HD Wallpapers : Source to find wallpapers with different themes.

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