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Education stands among the strongest pillars of an economy. As goes the age old notion that the best form of investment is that in education. It is one asset of an individual which may never fail them. Focus on educational institutes and proper funding lies among the foremost duties of any nation for it is the educational institute that will breed the future stallions of the nation. Grants and scholarships are extended for proper intellectual nourishment of the young minds. Investment is also made on research carried out in the laboratories housed in the Universities and result in ground breaking inventions which may serve generations onwards. On a rising trend Canada attracts foreign students from around the world. This is generally conceived as an indication that revolutionary ideas are germinating in the region. Work is being carried out in the fields of Information Sciences, Bio-medical and genetic studies, engineering works and other constructive projects which students around the globe find interesting and are eager to be a part of. Also the grants offered and facilities offered make it a congenial and habitable option for foreign students despite the low temperature condition.

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  • Advance College Solutions : Assists in college admissions, essay writing, SAT test preparation, financial aid assistance, graduate school assistance, and college scholarship help.

  • Fondation Lambda : Offering scholarships to studies at universities and colleges across Canada.

  • Geo Cities : Provides high school students with information on Canadian universities and scholarships.

  • GEOS Oceania : Offering English courses in modern facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • ILSC : Offers English or French instruction in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

  • Oxford Learning : Provides tutorial programs in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, study skills and homework support, since 1984.

  • Rate My Teachers : Allows high school students to grade teachers' performances and share the information with other students and parents.

  • School Finder : Allows Canadian students to search for universities, colleges and high schools.

  • SEVEC : Non-profit organization, organizing educational visits and exchanges for students of all ages in Canada.

  • World Literacy : Non-profit charity, based in Toronto, promotes literacy and social justice in Canada and overseas.

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