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Manufacturing refers to the process of creation of goods. The goods may be either raw materials supplied to a business as industrial goods or finished products supplied to the ultimate consumer known as consumer goods. At the onset of the manufacturing process, manufacturing was undertaken on a small scale in households or small units however, with technology having brought about a big change the scale of production too has undergone a major change. The industrial revolution brought about the use of machinery in the manufacturing or production process and so manufacturing saw a big jump to a large scale. Manufacturing is carried on by big, medium and small businesses and also by cottage industries. The manufacturing process requires a huge investment as a there are production facilities to be set up and infrastructure requirements to be met. Manufacturing of any kind requires certain raw materials which undergo a specific process or a number of processes before they are converted into a product.

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  • Pack Hardware : Suppliers of hardware packaging, bagging machines and printable hardware bags for automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics, manufacturing and engineering and DIY sectors.

  • Ayrescom : Manufacturer of light weight panel systems which consists of variety of aluminium honeycomb core panels and assembly systems to suit many applications including interior fit-out, marine vessels, rail cars, recreational vehicles and others.

  • : Manufacturing companies in the electrotechnical sector, provides leadership, expertise and independent influence in the areas of product safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • Used Packaging & Processing Equipment - Loeb : Offers used packaging equipment and used processing equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries.

  • Kingfield Electronics : Providing low to medium volume contract electronics manufacturing services to companies operating in a wide variety of high technology and high reliability market sectors.

  • Sun-Fly - 3D Sublimation : A professional 3D sublimation products manufacturer. Supplies full range of vacuum heat transfer machines and thousands of sublimation blanks.

  • Newark Wire : Test sieves, woven and welded wire cloth supplier established in 1911. Offers stainless steel screen mesh, basket & duplex strainers for different industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, medical, environmental, and many others.

  • : Manufacturing company on the north side of Chicago, manufactures wide range of faucets, water coolers and fountains.

  • : Established as a textile manufacturing company in 1918, specialized in the production of textile fabric such as Screen printing fabric, types of tea towels, industrial fabric and more.

  • Cinch Seal : Established in 1994, manufactures rotary shaft seals to provide sealing solutions for OEM producers such as bagging machinery, sifters, mixers, size reduction equipment, wastewater treatment and many more.

  • Econocorp : One of the leading company in cartoning equipment and case packing industry. Serves all types of industries including food, household, industrial and medical products. Products include pick-a-carton, horizontal cartoning, vertical cartoning, case packing equipment, automatic product loading and tray-style cartoning.

  • : ISO certified home furnishing textile manufacturer, designer, suppliers, exporter, wholesaler of soft home decor fabrics and furnishings from India.

  • Saniclean Strainers : Manufactures a complete line of mesh sanitary strainers, complete assemblies, replacement parts, and filter media. Provides sanitary inline pipe strainers, basket strainers, and filters constructed from stainless steel.

  • Vibration Solution : Silent Feet, appliance anti-vibration pads, made from Sorbothane, a revolutionary material that absorbs vibrations from appliances. Stops washing machine walking. Anti-vibration technology stops vibrations in air conditioners, refrigerators, even beds, etc.

  • Industrial Ventilation : Industrial fans manufacturer based in india includes latest and advanced machineries to cater all sorts of industrial and commercial requirements.

  • National Band Saw Food Equipment Parts : Largest independent manufacturer of high quality replacement parts for commercial food processing equipment including Hobart, Globe, Biro, Regal and other top restaurant equipment brands.

  • Insight - Industrial Cleaning Machines Manufacturer : One of the leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning machines and electroplating equipment located in India.

  • IFDA : Malaysian floral design school conducts courses on classic and contemporary flower arranging for professionals. Features image galleries, schedules, and faculty bio data.

  • Vista Packagings : Manufacturer and exporter of CPP films, flexible laminates, customized flexible packaging, Pouches, anti fog film, lidding Film, wax coated papers and more.

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