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Management or the process of managing all the available resources efficiently is an important aspect of any business organization. Having the resources alone is not enough, managing them in an able and effective manner is the key to achieving the desired results. Management is both an art and science. The organization is as good as its management. The human resource being the most important and largest resource of the organization, the management must display exemplary tact and understanding while dealing with people. Effective management of the resources and good leadership skills on the part of the management of the organization go a long way in achieving success. The management of any business must be efficient and effective at the different levels namely top level, middle level and the lower level. The management of any organization can actually bring about a big change in the working of the concern, attitudes of the people and the future of the organization or business.

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  • BMI USA : Founded in 1987, specialized in delivering complex solutions by providing industry specific knowledge, consulting, systems analysis and technical services to clients.

  • E2Open : Provider of supply chain management software solutions as a service for improved visibility and control over distributed global supply networks.

  • Grote Consulting : Specialized America's management consulting firms provides unrivaled expertise in the areas of performance appraisal, performance improvement and talent management.

  • Management Today : Provides comprehensive information on management and business thinking, strategic innovation, globalen strategy, human resources, leadership, finance, international finance, and more.

  • MetricStream : Provides quality, compliance, risk and process management solutions for global corporations. Services include enterprise quality & regulatory compliance management software, audit software, consulting, and systems.

  • CSCMP : Providing unparalleled service based on education, research, networking, career growth and best-practice data to supply chain management profession.

  • : Consulting firm with offices in all major cities help management make big decisions on strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, technology and organization.

  • APM : Develops and promotes professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public.

  • Cambridge who : Professionals in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, provides networking value for business owners looking to build new client and customer relations, small business networking as well as for individuals seeking to advance within company to a higher career position.

  • Free Management Library : Provides comprehensive resource on leadership and management of self, other individuals, groups and organizations.

  • Better Management : Aims to improve the leadership and decision making skills of business and government executives around the world.

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