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Investing refers to employing a part of the available resources in an area with the expectation of earning good returns in the future. The consumptions is postponed today and the individual or the organization decides to make an investment in areas that would yield good returns. It is done with the expectation of a higher and better earnings. Investing is an activity that must be undertaken by both individuals as well as institutions. Investment is possible in different areas like stocks and bonds, real estate and even gold to name a few. The levels of risk in different investment vary and so does the return. The return is proportional to the risk involved. Stocks and shares are seen to be an area that is high risk and this also translates into high return. Fixed deposits and deposits in banks are found to be one that is lower in risk. Real estate and investment in gold is one that generally witnesses a rise over time and are considered to be stable avenues for investing.

Site Listings
  • ICI : Offering wide range of information, news and tutorials on mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds and unit investment trusts.

  • Trust Net : Provides updated analysis and price performance data on all UK unit trusts, OEICs, pension, insurance bond, structured products, ETFs and VCTs.

  • MFEA : National trade association of mutual fund companies, offering funds direct, through supermarkets or third-parties and financial advisors.

  • Forward Funds : Offering investors access to investment managers who are experts in investment disciplines and a family of mutual funds in asset allocation, core and specialty asset classes.

  • Activa Funds : Provides comprehensive suite of asset servicing, management and asset gathering solutions to investment management industry since 1985.

  • Mortgage Note Buyer : Specialized in buying mortgage notes, trust deeds and land contracts. Evaluates the notes structure and provides the option to sell all or part of specific note or contract.

  • Six Swiss Exchange : Leading swiss stock exchange for trading of shares, bonds, investment funds and exchange traded funds.

  • Morning Star : Providing investment research, including stock and fund analysis, reports and tools, as well as investing and financial news.

  • In Capital : Banking firm with offices in Chicago, Boca Raton and London, provides broker-dealers with corporate notes, U.S. agency securities, CDs and structured notes for individual and institutional investors.

  • Bonds Online : Provides the latest thinking from leading investment banks for the income investor seeking dividend income and growth from real estate investment trusts, energy master limited partnerships, canadian royalty trusts, preferred stocks and fixed income securities.

  • Treasury Direct : Financial services website that lets you to buy and redeem securities directly from the U.S. department of the treasury in paperless electronic form.

  • Stock Hideout - Free Penny Stocks Alerts : Stock message board and stock chat room that discusses penny stocks, technical chart plays, and different current penny stock picks.

  • 007 Stock Chat - Penny Stocks Chat : Provides free penny stocks tools, live voice support, real-time alerts, and much more. Join and trade live with experts from all parts of the market. Includes a great group of investors with a focused agenda.

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