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Import refers to bringing in goods from another country. The goods are brought in for the purpose of trade. The goods brought in may be either sold as it is or may be used as a raw material for producing finished goods which are later sold. The person who imports the goods is known as an importer. Imports form an important part of international trade and have to go by the economic policy and several factors like the import quota and tariffs to name a few. Exports on the other hand, refer to sending out of goods from the country. Exports too come under the category of international trade. Exports too are governed by various policies of the Government. Exports involve sending out the goods from the country and the person who carries out the activity is called an exporter. Exports earn valuable foreign exchange for the country. Both imports and exports are important for the growth and development of a country.

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  • : Leading manufacturer and World wide Exporter of himalayan salt and salt products such as natural lamps, natural T-lights, salt lumps, granulated salt, bath salt, salt licks and much more.

  • : Supports the financing of U.S. goods and services, maintaining and creating jobs, turning export opportunities into real transactions and much more.

  • : Provides resources, benefits and services to international trade community and useful tools to business globally.

  • Lock Former Machine : Established in 1981, specialized in the field of precision mechanical manufacturing and production line as well as steel structure houses.

  • Infodrive India : Privately held company with offices in Kolkata and New Delhi, provides international trade data and Foreign trade data of USA , China, UK.

  • Welong Machinery : Specialized in all kinds of metals, like gray iron, stainless steel, special alloys, companies main capabilities are forging, sand casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting and machining.

  • Hedley John : Specialized in exporting livestock and agri-products to global market.

  • Holy Land Imports : Online retailer and wholesaler of Zytoon designs of high quality olive wood unique gifts and much more.

  • Magnet World : World's largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic items and other souvenir products since 1984 to many countries.

  • Apex Distribution Group : Specializing in the importing and distribution of products that includes alternative energy products, air purifiers, massage products and other consumer electronics.

  • China Stone Work : Offers a complete collection of carving production, architecture elements, home and garden ornament, also trading decorative lamp series products and plant fibre planters for home, office and garden.

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