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Energy sources include those like fuel and other forms of energy from which we derive the power to run all our equipment whether for the home or the business. Energy sources may be classified into renewable and non-renewable energy. The non-renewable sources of energy include fuel, petrol, diesel and other things that we have got from nature and are not in a position to manufacture or produce. These energy sources are limited and must be used judiciously so that they are available to the future generation as well. The renewable sources of energy include solar power, wind and hydro power. The renewable sources of energy is the mantra for the future as they can be produced by man and also do not contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere. Utilities refer to services providing electricity, water and other services essential for day to day activities. The utilities are experiencing a great demand in fact more than what they can cater to due to the rapid increase in the population. The price of the services too has gone up due to the rising demand and the limited supply.

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  • EnergySeek - Business Electricity & Gas : Offers business energy quote comparison services, cheap business gas and electricity. Assists to find out who the best supplier who offers the cheapest prices and how to get the best business energy deal.

  • Solar Heating Ireland : An Irish company specialises in the design, manufacture & distribution of geothermal heat pumps, solar panels, heating systems and a wide range of energy saving solutions.

  • Grab Trucks : Provides wide range of on-site requirements for trade, commercial and domestic projects throughout Southern England, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and London.

  • Power Direct : Australian electricity supplier, specialized in providing business with the experience and expertise to streamline electricity requirements.

  • Sunward Solar Solutions : Provides solar photovoltaic energy systems for commercial customers in North Carolina. Specializes in solar PV systems by providing an integrated solar solutions.

  • SunBug Solar : Solar energy consulting and installation company in sunny Somerville, Massachusetts and Jackson, Wyoming, offering site analysis, system design, rebate processing and system monitoring.

  • S-Shapel Associates : Dedicated to provide analytic methods and software to aid electric utilities in making sound asset management decisions.

  • JKG Energy Efficient Diesel Fuel Solutions : A diesel technology expert and distributor for EnerBurn diesel fuel combustion catalyst. serving industrial use of diesel fuel for power generation, marine transport, mining, road transport, heavy construction, oil and gas exploration, and agriculture.

  • Regenis – Food Waste Digester System : Regenis' organic waste digesters capture methane and convert it into clean electricity. A 100% American-made food waste digesters produces more biogas for clean electricity than any other system in the market.

  • : Offering end-to-end utility billing service for apartments, electric, gas and water submeters with wireless reading system.

  • EPCE Online : Develops and promotes industry-driven, standardized, online learning programs to meet the workforce needs of the energy industry.

  • Energy Tools LLC : Specialized in providing economic consultancy services and turn-key IT solutions to regulated utility industry.

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