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Translation means converting words or text into another without changing the meaning. Translation is employed for literary and business purposes. Oral translation is called as interpreting and it is a different linguistic discipline. Translation requires specific skills like the ability to understand the source language and the culture of the country where the original text comes from. This helps in accurate translation of idiom and phrases of the source language into the target language without diluting the meaning. The most important aspect of translation is to retain the original meaning of the source language, though there might be variance in syntax (sentence-structure) while adjusting to syntactic requirements of the target language. Translation has become a very important job in our modern world. It is the greatest medium for sharing information and knowledge between two communities in absence of a common understood language. As communication advances, translation is becoming very important for universities, companies and government.

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  • Gotham Lab : A premiere company in New York, offering translation and multimedia localization services. Includes business, instructional, medical and legal translations, software and website localization services. Features free quote form, company and service details.

  • Morningside Translations : A New York based company, specialized in translation services including legal, patent, technical and corporate translation services. Records quote form, news, blog and company overview.

  • Akorbi : An information technology company, offering content management, translation services, staffing and technology services worldwide. Also includes document management translation services. Records free quote form, site directory and company resources.

  • McElroy Translations : Headquartered in Austin, specializes in translations services including medical, legal, technical, marketing and business translation.

  • Certified Languages : A Certified phone interpreter company serving since 1996, offers translating services for individuals and businesses across U.S. Lists services, testimonials, company information and resource library.

  • Ruslingo : A translation agency, providing document translation services in major european languages for businesses and government organizations. Includes quote form, company details and services.

  • Betranslated : Offers translation services by an UK based freelancers. Provides document translation services for websites and business. Lists faqs, quote form and uk company directory.

  • Alexika : Founded in 1998, specialized in translation and interpreting related language services. Includes websites, legal documents, product packaging and technical manuals.

  • eMalinki : Offers russian english translation and interpreting services in London, Moscow, St.Petersburg. Features service list and contact detials.

  • VSI Group : Specialized in translation, voice-over, VSI subtitling, corporate services and post-production solutions since 1989. Website includes newsletter, company details and location information.

  • Certified Translation : Provides translation services by certified human translators including technical, medical, legal and business subjects. Features office locations and services.

  • GTS Translation Services : Language translation company providing professional translation services in over 60 languages including German, French, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish and more. Offers medical, legal, financial and technical document translation and software localization.

  • Shanghai Translation Company : Land service is a professional Shanghai translation company Established in 2009 that has been operating in Shanghai, China for 9 years. Works with some of the largest companies in the world and quality policy is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008.

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