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Office Services generally refers to the different types of services which an organization provides. These services may include executive assistance, administrative assistance, clerical and other office services. Such services are availed by both large and small business organizations as well as self-employed professionals. The role of organizations that provide such services includes almost all the departments of a particular business or office. They provide assistance in technical activities like data entry, typing new documents or making revisions to existing ones, design customized database files and so on. They also perform some complex services like working for an organization or office from a different location and communicate with their clients via phone, email or fax. Personnel performing such work require specific knowledge about the company and its policies. Sometimes, a business organization may not have sufficient resources for the process of recruitment. In such situations they seek the help of firms that provide recruitment services. They hold interviews on behalf of the organizations and select candidates as per the requirements of their client. Some businesses require extensive research work involving a lot of time and manpower. Thus, organizations rendering such services prove to be helpful. Therefore, the growth of service providers is growing, as more and more organizations are opting to choose their services for various purposes.

Site Listings
  • Eton Jones Office Removals Company : A Leeds based removal company specializing in office removals. Includes a team of skilled dismantlers, packers who are fully insured to protect valuable and delicate equipment like computers.

  • Keyoung Information : Started in 1993, located in Hong Kong and mainland China, offers data processing services. Including data-entry, English and Chinese translation services, software and website localization services.

  • Megadox : Launched in 1999, an online store offering business documents and legal forms in USA and Canada. Includes country specific legal and generic forms. Features affiliate program, testimonials and company information.

  • Office88 : An e-service company in Hong Kong, offering professional web design, translation and online secretarial services. Features price, order forms, site search and company information.

  • WestBury : Provides information about accounting, company formation, tax solutions and virtual office services. Lists services, site search and resources library.

  • WordWright : An Australia based individual, offering word processing and data-entry services for businesses and individuals. Features rates and work information.

  • Andover : Established in 1996, specialized in cisco liquidation and critical network components with same day delivery facilities. Includes price valuation services, company information and contact details.

  • BrainTechnologies : A family owned company, offering books, assessment tools and technologies of different organizations. Lists blog, newsletter and order information.

  • BurrellesLuce : Provider of PR services, corporate communications and media relations services. Features newsletter, enquiry form and resource library.

  • Computerized Office Services : A small company offering billing and accounting services to single experts, health care groups and minor entrepreneurs. Lists testimonials, blog and company information.

  • ATS Technical : Headquaters spotted in Merrillville, Indiana, since 1984. Offers CMMS, data entry, technical writing, inventory help and temporary management services. Lists services and company information.

  • Automated Signature : Manufacturer of automated signature equipments in USA. Includes ghost signature machine and accessories. Lists ordering form, company information and products.

  • EJB Hancock : Located in Ohio, offers office support services to business. Includes payroll and record keeping services. Features company information and service fees.

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