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Customer service is typically a string of activities aimed towards improving or enhancing customer experience and to ensure customer loyalty. Hence, customer service is being used by various organizations / companies before, during and after a purchase is made by the customer. In today’s business scenario where monopolistic market is rare the importance of customer service increased manifold. The goal is not only limited to help the customer but to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. Customer service traditionally includes assistance in training, trouble-shooting, planning, maintenance, upgrading etc. by a person. However, in recent times with the advent of technology "Automated Customer Service" (example: interactive voice response, automated online assistants) has become popular due to the advantage in cost as well as ability to provide service 24-hours a day.

Site Listings
  • Dunvegan’s Group, The : Provides customer satisfaction measurement and retention programs for B2B companies. Features customer satisfaction and retention resources including newsletters, videos, blog and whitepapers.

  • TeleTech : Since 1982, offering customer technology services outsourcing. Includes customer management operations, business process and marketing solutions. Features articles, e-newsletters, news and resources library.

  • Echopass : Established in 2000, providing call center sofware solutions in North America. Including blending phone, text chat, fax, and web call-backs. Features videos, whitepapers and assets record.

  • APAC Customer Services : Established in 1973, offers call center and business processing outsourcing solutions. Lists informative articles and white papers. Also includes site search option.

  • Beyond Philosophy : Established in 2002, provides strategic consultancy services, research, training and education and study tours. Features newsletter, articles, books and white papers.

  • Compulan : Offers customer relationship management strategies, processes and tools for mid sized companies. Lists technical support. Also provides financing or software rental.

  • Convergys : Incorporated in 1998, offers customer management solutions for world wide business clients. Including customer care, technical support, human resources, telemarketing and billing services.

  • Resource Center, The : A professional education alliance offers customer service management training courses and certifications. Including assistance work stand, call center, ITIL, telecom, networking, videos and books.

  • Qmatic : Began in 2007, offering customer flow management and queuing system for reducing waiting times and improves customer service realationship. Inlcudes news, products contact details and country wise language selection options.

  • Brigade : Since 1998, providing online customer support services for global corporations. Also offers business process and knowledge process outsourcing services. Features news and photo gallery.

  • Karen Leland : Offers tips and training on customer services to help organizations become more customer-focused. Features speaking and writing of keynote, quiz, ebook and blog.

  • Cross Country Group : Spotted in Medford, Massachusetts, Since 1972, offering customer support services for corporate clients in North America. Includes business process outsourcing, direct marketing, emergency assistance and information services.

  • GuestSatisfactionSurveys.Com : People have the chance to share feedback concerning their latest experiences with top companies. This site hosts a number of surveys from the leading companies in the health, auto, food, retail and entertainment sectors.

  • Cloud Phone Answering : Why waste all of your time answering those incoming telephone calls. Here at Cloud Phone Answering we have professional trained receptionists who can be answering those calls in just a matter of minutes from you signing up. The way it works is really simple, you just sign up for a 7 day free trial, tell us what greeting you want us to use with your callers and tell us how you want your messages delivered. Sign up in just minutes.

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