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Agriculture refers to all the activities directed towards farming and growing plants for food and other products. Growing food crops and cultivating other products all comes under the broad arena of agriculture. Every country is dependant on agriculture for its sustenance. The origin of civilization finds its roots in agriculture. Some countries are so heavily dependent on agriculture that the main occupation of its people is agriculture, for instance India. Agriculture provides the society and economy with not only food but also a range of other products that find a variety of uses in everyday life. Agriculture is also a major source of employment for the people. With the demand for products rising and the development of technology agriculture too has seen rapid changes over the years. The use of high quality fertilizers and pesticides combined with the use sophisticated technology has seen a remarkable increase in production of food grains, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products.

Site Listings
  • : Department of Agriculture and Rural Development promotes economic growth and the development of the countryside in Northern Ireland.

  • Agriculture Online : An online community of agriculturalists including publishers, organizations, companies and individuals. Provides information on agriculture including news, weather and markets.

  • UK Agriculture : Website dedicated to educate the UK people in all aspects of agriculture including farming, cultivation, preservation and more.

  • Agriculture Network Information Center : Provides comprehensive information on agriculture including news and calendars of events on all fields related to agriculture.

  • : Online marketplace to aid those in the agricultural field in buying and selling tractors, land, seeds, farming related merchandise, as well as livestock, farming related jobs, animal products, agrochemicals and a wide range of services.

  • Elite Farmer : Resource center is a comprehensive listing of agricultural and related documents from North America and worldwide.

  • Farmers Markets Today : Providing wide range of information to help small farmers and farmers markets be more successful and profitable in selling their products.

  • Monsanto : Company founded in 1901, focusing on agriculture and supporting farmers around the world in their mission to produce more while conserving more.

  • : Manufacturer and marketer of organic acid-based products, which are highly effective used with plant nutrients.

  • : International producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services.

  • AATF Africa : Not-for-profit organisation designed to promote public and private partnerships for the delivery of appropriate agricultural technologies for use by poor smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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