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Brazilians are known worldwide for their interest in football. It is said that almost all residents play football in the country irrespective of he/she is young, amateur, old, or professional. Brazilian football teams usually are on top of the list of contenders. The World Cup matches played by them look like power pack performances to the audiences. These international football matches, happening in major cities, draw crowds. Renowned player, Pele, is the country?s favourite and considered to be the best player ever from Brazil. The country?s second most popular sport is Volleyball. The country showed interest in that sport, after winning consecutive series of matches, in the mid of 20th century. It is said that the country?s youngsters usually gather in beaches, and therefore, more athletic activities can be seen there as well. Football, volleyball, etc are played in the beaches. Beach volleyball and football championships are played, which draw numerous crowd and television coverage. The municipal government, in order to encourage sports, provide volleyball courts and recreational equipment in the country?s beaches. The country is also famous for its traditional dance, Samba. The dance is performed annually during the Rio de Janeiro?s annual carnival. Apart from sport and dance, the country offers entertainment and leisure facilities as well. Night life is seen in the regions of Rio and Paulo. Amazonian regions are famous for their nature reserves. Live music, parades, drinking, and merry-making activities, partying, are seen in major cities of Brazil. Find below the list of websites providing sports and recreation information in Brazil:

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Sports news provider of countries around the world, including Brazil. Latest updates are shared.


Provides information on tourism, and recreational/outdoor activities in various regions of Brazil.

  • Ailola Blog : Latin American tourist and recreational website. Details on Brazil tours, weekend activities for Brazilians, leisure time activities, etc are shared. Details on other South American leisure activities are also available.

  • Brazil Adventure Tours : Details on recreational and sporting activities on various regions of Brazil are found. Some of them include hiking, trekking, climbing, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, etc.

  • Capoeira Brasil : Details about the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, are shared. Information about Capoeira classes, matches, etc are available.

  • Esporte Beta Postas - Football Betting Online Brazil : Reviews sportsbooks for online football betting in Brazil. Assists in placing bets on football match with good wagering options at the selected bookmaker sites.

  • Latin Basket : Details on basketball leagues, job openings, famous players, and latest updates about basketball are available. Basketball news of other countries are available as well.

  • Pitaco do Gringo : Brazilian football news site, which is available 24*7. Archives of football news are found.

  • Rio de Janeiro Football : Details on football, football history, olympics 2016, worldcups, etc and other happenings about football, especially in the Rio de Janeiro location are shared.

  • Rio2016 : News and updates on 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games, to be held in Brazil are shared. Details on buying tickets for tournaments are included.

  • Ronaldinho : A fansite, which provides news, photos, famous goals, videos, and other updates about the football player, Ronaldinho.

  • Ronaldinho : A fansite, which provides news, photos, famous goals, videos, and other updates about the football player, Ronaldinho.

  • Sports Betting Sites Online Brazil - : Provides information on best online betting sites accepting punters from Brazil also. Helps to get access to a wide variety of markets and more when you sign up with one of the leading sportsbooks that has been suggested.

  • Swim Swam : Details on Brazilian swimming are found. Information about matches, swimming training, vidoes, interviews of swimmers, lifestyle of swimmers, etc are included.

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