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Brazil was under colonial rule in the earlier days, and the country?s society and culture is considered to be one of the varied and diversified ones in the world. Portuguese, who majorly ruled Brazil, taught indigenous Catholicism, built several churches, made people follow Roman Catholicism, and also established traditions and customs. The intense Portuguese domination also brought slavery, where a large number of African migrants, where destined to live in Brazilian borders. The migrants also influenced local cultures, and ancient customs and ideas. Brazilians are considered to be affectionate and tactile people. They give importance to family structure and its values. They love joint families, where support and help can be got, whenever needed. Their culture constitutes certain etiquettes and mannerisms even for daily living. Brazilian men tend to shake hands with each other and women kiss each other?s cheeks, while greeting. In business, these people tend to commit long-term dealings, only after knowing about their partners, and getting clarifications about the deals. Find below the list of websites providing information about the society and culture in Brazil:

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