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Sourcing land; negotiating that piece of land for the buyer; and handling the property closure; corresponds to the Real Estate domain. The real estate of Brazil contains about 500 properties, which can be categorized into ranch land, farmland, or forestry land. The country constitutes highly contiguous pieces of land that are over 100,000 acres or 40,000 hectares. The country is also one of the few places, where a buyer can freehold with clean title, and he/she can even get title insurance. Throughout the country, there are only 100 properties, which are over 100, 000 acres or 40, 000 hectares. These properties are rare to find with clear titles and are also rare on markets. Individuals can look into the following areas for their businesses. The prices of these regions are below the market values and are considered to be decent investments. Western Bahia ? For investors looking for undeveloped farm lands in established places. Mato Grosso do Sul- For investors, who are interested in farming and this place is near Sao Paulo. Apart from these places, buyers can also consider regions like Tocantins, Para State, and Sao Paulo for investments. Tocantins regions are rich in farm lands, whereas Para State favours forestry and palm plantations. Sao Paulo favours farming, but the region?s prices are considered to be the highest in Brazil. Find below the list of websites providing real estate information in Brazil.

Site Listings
  • AccesseImovel : Consultancy that helps individuals in the region of Rio de Janeiro regarding sale and purchase of commercial and residential properties.

  • AgBrazil : Brazil's professional services agency that helps bringing international investors to frontier agriculture. Details on frontier land, farming, investment tips, etc are included.

  • Brasildesign : Details on Family homes, penthouses, apartments, littorals, mansions, lands, etc for sale in the region of Rio de Janeiro are mentioned. Details on rentals, investment, etc are mentioned as well.

  • Brazil Bahia Property Ltd : Bahia regions real estate agency in Brazil, which offers professional and marketing services to sell properties across the state.

  • Brazil Investment Guide : Blog that offers periodic updates/news about Brazilian properties, details about taxes, legal advices on properties, etc.

  • Brazil Overseas Property : Helps individuals buy properties for retirement, investment or holidays in various regions of Brazil like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Natal, Recife, Joao Pessoa, etc.

  • Brazilestates : Property consulting website for developers, investors, or hotels in Brazil. Details on investment funds, land acquisition, land development, etc are available.

  • LandWatch : Online destination to find details on rural properties or lands for sale. Properties for sale are mentioned along with the price, size or dimension, nature of property, etc.

  • Live in Brazil : Blog that provides details on lifestyle, culture, visa, cost of living, etc about Brazil. Details on private rentals, temporary rental, imobiliaria rentals in Brazil are described in brief.

  • Realtor : International real estate portal that offers property sale or rent information for various countries, including Brazil. Details on the number of properties/land available in various regions/cities of Brazil are mentioned.

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