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In order to explore a country like Brazil more in depth, not only a tourist but also a native needs the help of guides and directories for the minuets of every detail. Guides come in vibrant graphic prints and are embedded with photographs of the prominent locations of the city. Guides can be in various forms pamphlets, brochures or manuals providing the overview of the city in a small gist. The advent of technology has rendered us various applications which can be downloaded on an android medium and eventually the required directions and locations can be easily traced on the screens of your mobile phones. Equally important is the usage of directories in searching out the genealogical facts about people, places of commodities. Like any other politically, socially and economically eminent nation, Brazil also has a highly developed and organized directory built and periodically updated. Every neighborhood, street, square or block is identified and chalked. Even houses are noted with time span of occupancy and the family names. Such information is archived and can be easily retrieved on demand. The directories are published in print format and also and online libraries furnish the required information on demand. Below is the comprehensive list of Online Guides and Web Directories useful to information seekers. Browse and suggest useful and well-organized Online Guides and Web Directories to Brazil Regional Web Directory.

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  • : Travel guide that represents details about the northeast Brazil, Bahia. Information about beaches, lodging, restaurants, real estate, etc about Bahia are found.

  • Brasil Contact : Brazil's travel guide and hotel directory. Details on hotel reservations, attractions around the country, travel jobs, tourism, and other adventurous activities around the country are found.

  • Central Intelligence Agency : Library that contains details about various countries maps, flags, details, leaders, and papers, including Brazil.

  • Gringoes : An online guide that provides details about various happenings around the country. Details on language, tips, business, trips, culture, articles, arts, ads, etc about Brazil are found.

  • Guis : An online directory that focuses on business interactions and provides information about various companies around Brazil. Ads of companies are posted. Companies can announce their services.

  • Hotfrog : Online directory that focuses on business issues and promotes company interactions. Directory is available for other countries as well. Content is only available in Portuguese.

  • ilocal : Online directory of Brazil's newspaper, Estadao. Details on companies, restaurants and services, etc are found. Often used by travelers in Brazil for hotel bookings.

  • Lonely Planet : An online guide that makes people get to know about various activities in Brazil through its articles, image gallery, and information on restaurants, shopping, activities, tours, highlights about the country, etc.

  • : Directory that helps individuals to find business, professionals and people all over from Brazil. Guides on maps and routes, tourism, restaurants, useful phone numbers, etc are found. Ads can be posted.

  • World Travel Guide : Travel guide of Brazil that contains details about history, language, culture, weather, geography, business, travel plans, hotels, money flow, activities, flight, etc of the country.

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