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Brazil, a country with an average annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of over 5%, is one of the fastest growing major economies across the globe. The country is also the seventh largest based on purchasing power parity. The country?s growth towards financial stability, economy liberalization and openness, since 1990s, resulted in significant boost up of the nation?s competitiveness in fundamentals. It also resulted in the development of the nation?s private sector. The country is characterized by market economies like moderately free markets and inwardly free economy, where the pricing of products are based on needs. The country has partially closed the competitiveness gap with the countries, India and China, among BRIC economies. Portuguese invaded Brazil in the 15th century. The country was under Portuguese colonial rule, and only in the earlier 18th century, it was able to set up its factories and create manufacturers, which resulted in economic growth. The country was able to undergo tremendous economic transformation between 1875 and 1975. The country originally exported basic raw and primary goods like sugar, gold, and rubber. Nowadays, 84% of export materials contain manufactured and semi-manufactured products. In the last decade, 32.3% increase was seen in the domestic production and 47% or 3.6% growth was seen in the agribusiness. Find below the list of websites providing business and economy information in Brazil:

Site Listings
  • Abicalcados : Displays information about the footwear companies and statistical reports about the local market.

  • Ampel Parts : Specializes in supplying spare parts for cars, buses and trucks worldwide.

  • Ariau Amazon Towers : One of the largest treetop hotel in the world. Offers special packages for tourists.

  • Armco do Brasil : Leading manufacturer of steel products. Includes company overview, description of services, product details and contact information.

  • BR Online : Online travel site helps to book tickets, hotels, eco travel, cruises etc.

  • Braex Trading : Brazilian trading company specializes in export and import of products.

  • Brazil - Information : Provides financial and economic information of Brazil.

  • Brazil Vacations : Offers a range of vacation packages to the most popular and exoctic locations in Brazil.

  • Chemi Market : Specialized in international trade in chemicals and petrochemicals. Includes resource on export market and domestic raw materials such as polymers, plasticizers, and solvents.

  • Companhia Paulista de Pesquisa de Mercado : Offers services related to market, opinion, and social research. Includes from planning of surveys to presentation of results.

  • Cristal Componentes Tecnicos : Manufacturer of auto parts. Specialized in filters and components for fuel injection. Includes company details, products, novelties.

  • Eco Brazil : Specialised website for adventurous tours and eco travel in brazil.

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