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The colorful aspects of the majestic Brazilian arts and culture would remain incomplete without acknowledging its myriad vicissitudes. The pulsating beat of the Samba dance and the turquoise blue sea beaches offers breathtaking views of natural sights and a glimpse into this vibrant country. The Portuguese who invaded the country long back and established their supremacy over the land are the main reason to which the Brazilian culture owes its origin. The Roman Catholic faith initiated by the Portuguese were imbibed by the common general masses of Brazil, which still continues to exert dominant influence over the Brazilian population. Along with the passage of time Brazil's language, music, cuisine and religion got moulded into the trends of Dutch, French, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Japanese and Nigerians as well. Towards the last half of 20th century, the cultural scenario of Brazil underwent a significant change with the intermingling of various foreign cultures especially in the field of cinema and modern art. The most widely attended of Brazilian festivals and certainly the most widely recognized international event is Carnival, the annual celebration. Carnival is a musical perspective focusing on the gradual union of Carnival and samba, the traditional dance form of Brazil. Below is the comprehensive list of Arts and Entertainment related websites useful to information seekers. Browse and suggest useful and well-organized Arts and Entertainment related web sites to Brazil Regional Web Directory.

Site Listings
  • Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil : Features the principles of school which unites art with social responsibility. Provides information on presentations, partners, and contact details.

  • Brazilian Music : Provides information on Brazilian present and past musicians, interviews.?

  • Brazilian Sound, The : Offers information on Brazilian music and culture.

  • Brown, Carlinhos : Provides resource on famous music compositions which have topped the Brazilian charts over the past decade.

  • Cantos of Brazil? : Specialized in Brazilian art songs and piano music.

  • Dalal Achcar : Website featuring dancer's creations and productions, and ballet school.

  • Dam - Desenvolvimento An?mico do Movimento : Dedicated on research of language integraton as a platform of expression and to elaboration of scenic experiments.

  • dos Santos, Robson : Explores the musical compositions of Robson. Features photo gallery and contact details.

  • Introduction to Capoeira : Short historical introduction to one of the varieties of brazilian music. Includes interviews, hot links, articles.

  • Loronix : Provides information about CD downloads, mp3 downloads, travel ads, e-commerce, etc.

  • Marcelo Clemente Photography : An image library. Includes portfolio, links and photos of nature.

  • Musik City : Includes information on recordings, producers, and musical arrangements.

  • Teatro Alfa : Playhouse located at Santo Amaro, Brazil. Meets the most stringent international technical standards. Includes sponserships, tickets, events, contact details.

  • Verve Records - Antonio Carlos Jobim : Website includes artists info, events, news, videos, widgets and more.

  • World Heritage Sites : Provides maps for locating different places in Brazil. Includes information of that places.

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