Why Is Responsive Web Design an Asset for Your Online Business?

Responsive Web DesignAsset for Your Online Business

Imagine you have a website that is only visual to a set of people and other could not have access to it. People use different gadgets and operating system to get access to the services you offer and the type of service your website provides to the user talks a lot about your business. So, starting off with

What is Responsive Design?

Many time, when you test your website then the text is so tiny you can’t even read it, images are cut off and you have to zoom right in to click a button. This is because your website is not optimized for some device.

A responsive website naturally adopts the view and exploration to suit the screen size of any device on either mobile or desktop or tablet. This makes it effortless for users to find what they are looking for on your website, that in turn create a better user experience.

Why is Responsive Web Design being such a big deal? 

  1. A boost in several mobile users

Responsive Web Design has been the main reason for the increment in the mobile users. At According to the recent survey, more than 60% of the world wide web traffic derived from mobile devices. This indeed helps the business owner to get more traffic on the site due to ease of accessibility.

  1. The expansion of shopping on mobile devices

The expansion of shopping on mobile devices

It has been noticed that the potential customer that has been diverted to a certain shopping site has been collected more by the apps. Adding more to it, the more important asset of e-commerce companies is a well-amended website that offers customers to find and buy the products they are looking for in just a few taps on their smartphones.

  1. Search Engine always in favor

It has been noticed by many expertise that major internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc favor websites that can sustain themselves on mobile.  Responsive design surely gives you and your online store the benefit of SEO without many efforts.

  1. Count-in the benefits of social media

Through responsive designs, the popularity gained was never this much before. If you put an advertisement on social media, great deal visitors on your website will be from mobile. So, easy to use and informative responsive design has always proofed to be an ally.

  1. Enhanced the experience of viewers

Responsive web design takes each element in your website layout and makes it more enjoyable for mobile users.  Because there are a lot of things even small one that irritates the visitors while browsing. This inconsistency can go unnoticed by one-time shoppers, but it will definitely cause confusion that may further lead to frustration in your potential customers.

  1. Great cost saving

Responsive web design has some plus points against adaptive web design and even on two separate versions of a website. It definitely offers a solution to all of your problems. Adding more to it, you will have to invest a lot less of both in website maintenance.

  1. Better site speed

Every second do counts, here too. You will definitely give up on a website if it takes more than 6 to 10 seconds to load. This will not only kill up your chances of getting potential customers but also affect your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). Responsive web design takes care of the performance of mobile devices, as well as the screen size.

  1. Hike in conversation rates

The goal of every e-commerce stores is to have a great conversion rate. Responsive web design for e-commerce stock addresses and resolves all the bugs of online shopping. That will provide customers smooth browsing, and hiked usability and readability.

  1. A competing field

Keeping in mind, responsive web design is not a new thing, there are more chances that your competitors have already advanced for mobile.  But in another face of the coin, you see you will be way ahead of those who haven’t. So, you should continue improving the state of experience for your potential and existing customers. So, putting in small and valuable efforts will provide you a fruitful result even in the small-time frame.

  1. Amazing UX

10. Amazing UX

The bliss of web browsing always resides in the details, for instance, page load speed and ease of navigation to matter that appeals to your target market. So, for sure it’s important to pay attention to UX and responsive web design doubtlessly does that.

  1. Credit plus point to your digital sector

You can’t convert a viewer into a customer if you can’t be able to impress them. Web design is very valuable as it certainly creates an impression. A strong online presence, particularly with the help of a web design company act as a catalyst to build a successful business. Responsive is the result of all the deviation, and it has to be good for the conversion process.

Wrapping up

These are only a few benefits out of many for choosing Responsive Web Design for your business website. If your website design is very old and out-dated then it may be more economical to start-off from scratch by transferring the existing content to a new CMS system for responsive design.

About Author:

Ashley Marsh is a Senior Content Writer at Maan Softwares Inc.  She has been with this company for past four years. She is specialized in the technical writing genre especially in mobile development, web design, and, latest technologies. According to her, it has been a great exposure for her as each day the technology is updating itself resulting in new ideas that keep her fresh daily.