Why Every Home Should Install a Water Filter

Why Every Home Should Install a Water Filter

We live in a time when there is a scarcity of water across the globe. As industrialization, pollution and global warming are spreading far and wide, the access to clean potable water is becoming precariously low. Today, water is the most precious and a threatened resource.

It’s alarming to see a drastic increase in water pollution these days and it is very difficult for humans to survive on this planet without fresh and potable drinking water. With the increase in water-borne diseases worldwide, it makes sense to have water filters installed in every household. Albeit a basic water filter serves the purpose, but we need filters that can remove harmful chemicals and ensure the family gets access to clean drinking water throughout the year.

So, let’s take a look at why one needs to install water purification system for their homes:

Improves the taste of your water

As water contains a lot of dirt, chemicals, and other impurities, it makes your water taste bad and as well smells pungent. Most of these contaminants can have a major impact on your health as they include bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause certain health disorders. By having standard water filters installed at home will help eliminate all these contaminants and purify water and making it safe and also improve its taste.

Removes Sediments and Minerals

Sediments such as debris, silt and clay and minerals such as iron, calcium, and manganese are not hazardous to health but may make your water taste unpleasant. But these minerals make clothing stains and even make your porcelain utensils discolor and down the line even clog your pipes and cause plumbing problems. Water filters fitted with mechanical filters made from ceramic, paper and fabric screens will help in removal of all sediments from your water.

Protects you from microbiological risks

There are many waterborne pathogens that can survive for long durations in our environment and they get easy access to our drinking water and find the perfect host in humans and cause havoc. Microorganisms such as bacteria (Escherichia Coli, Clostridium Botulinum, and Vibrio Cholerae) cause (Coli infection, Botulism, and Cholera) Protozoa such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia causes Diarrhoea that can last up to 6 weeks.  Some of these microorganisms are resistant to Chlorine and hence tap water is not always safe even after chlorine treatment. Hence, having a water filter fitted with micro and nano filters drastically reduces the microbiological risks from drinking water.

Negates the impact of Chlorine and Fluoride

Yes, your tap water is treated with chemicals such as Chlorine and Fluoride to ensure it kills all the microorganisms. But, whether too much of Chlorine and Fluoride usage is permissible is still under debate, but benefits far outweigh any potential risk. Even then too much of chlorine and fluoride make your water taste bad and smell, and can damage your health over a long period of time. A water purification system fitted with activated carbon filter will remove chlorine and fluoride smell and taste from your water.

Removes Pesticides and other Harmful Herbicides

Especially in rural and countryside where agriculture is the mainstay, pesticides and herbicides can make its way into waterways. Some pesticides are carcinogenic and can live in the environment for a very long time and are easily dissolved in water. Even low concentrations of these herbicides and pesticides can be harmful. Though our drinking waters are safe from them but, not all water authorities conduct regular checks to ensure the same. Again activated carbon filters in our water purifying system can remove these pesticides and herbicides from our drinking water.

Stops Lead Contamination

Our waters are often contaminated with Lead, which is toxic and it is essential to remove it from drinking water. Lead gets into drinking water when the water is supplied from old pipes where Lead is used to join those pipes together. The only way to remove lead from water is by reverse osmosis, distillation and carbon filters that are specifically designed to remove the metal. People especially depending on wells water should get it checked every year from water agencies to ensure its safety and usage. 

With all the above reasons mentioned, now you know why one should have a standard water filter at home. In today’s time, it is a basic necessity for every household to ensure your dear ones stay safe from waterborne diseases and have clean drinking water that tastes good and smells clean. 

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