Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced?

Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced?

Data is perhaps the most important aspect of a business today. The sales process outflow, reporting structures and operational efforts all depend on structured, accurate data. The data directly impacts the revenue cycles and the growth trajectory of the business. Quite often data is received in unusable formats or un-editable formats including printed or paper or in a handwritten form. This calls for data entry services. Considered a non-core activity for most business, data services require concentrated efforts and in a timely manner for the business to be able to have smooth sailing.

This gap owing and processing data often calls for data entry services to be outsourced, and in the prevalent times, there are a number of data entry outsourcing services options at hand. A data entry company could literally be positioned anywhere on the planet. There are a number of reasons that businesses are looking for an outsourced data entry option, some of them are listed as below:

  1.  Cost-effectiveness and savings compared to in-house resources and employees
  2.  Customizations of data entry based on unique needs and business situations
  3.  Flexibility and elasticity of operations of the data entry service provider
  4.  Technology in use by the Data Entry Company often surpasses the business which is outsourcing the data entry services allowing it to leverage the same
  5.  Quality of staff employed by the data entry company is experienced and has levels of expertise required for data entry services
  6.  Data security and risk mitigation is the responsibility of the service provider, thus allowing more freedom from secondary tasks for the business
  7.  Tracking and monitoring staff and resources allow for the same feeling of ownership for the business which is outsourcing the activity, thus eliminating the need for in-house employees
  8.  Turn-around time is faster and way more efficient, allowing you to pay only for the results and not for the efforts and error checks
  9.  Times of need – Businesses get the elasticity and bandwidth of data entry when they need it and allow the need to shrink when they do not, hence allowing for freedom and less investment in resources.


We have had a look at the advantages of outsourced data entry. Now let us quickly look at the services that the data entry firms can provide. We are listing a few here.

Online data entry services

The data entry company, irrespective of its location and time zone offers an online data entry service, which can be live tracked 24×7, and the format and entries can be custom designed based on your need and choice of formats. It does not matter where you are. A dedicated account manager would be available at your beck and call, anytime you need to view the progress.

Offline data entry services:

Large data volumes that can be keyed in as per your timelines, also allowing for a fast turnaround, live tracking and accuracy in delivery which is check, proofread and edited as per the choice of format and needs.

E-Book data entry services

e-Book conversions or digital publishing as it is called is a popular demand and the data entry company owns the resources, expertise, and experience to provide you just that so you can leverage sales across the planet and get the versions updated in quick turnaround times, never having to worry about the physical form of the book

Tagging images as data entry service

For search engine compatibility, indexing and search engine visibility, or for e-book formatting, it is important to tag the images with titles or descriptions, a service readily available with the outsourced data entry provider.

Catalog data entry services & E-Commerce data entry:

e-Commerce requires Catalog and entry of product data in a format of choice to be able to highlight its own products range allowing for a better revenue cycle. This is a popular data entry service outsourced in today’s times.

Data entry for printed, handwritten or un-editable formats of data:

Documents which are scanned, or in PDFs or jpegs are accurately entered in formats of choice in an error-free manner.

Data entry from manuals, referral journals, and dictionaries:

Offline printed versions can be converted to online data in an electronic format from a source of choice

Restaurant menus:

Offline print menus can be converted to electronic formats for digital visibility and ready uploads by the data entry company.

Business surveys, questionnaires, and feasibility reports data entry:

A quick research or a business survey or a handwritten feasibility report is converted to a digital format for easier analysis.

Company formats’ data entry:

Annual data for a regulatory submission can be converted to digital format for ease of use and fling the same.

Data entry service providers also offer additional services for research and data mining, migrations and data capture beyond data cleansing. It is imperative not to build data of ruin. The right data is an important foundation for the success of your business functions.

Data entry outsourcing allows you options to concentrate on your core tasks while optimizing the opportunity costs, saving money and having experts work on your data entry services. The advantages of the range of data entry services options available to you outweigh the need to hire and retain in-house employees to work on the same, thus giving you the distinct advantages that only outsourcing can provide.

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