Top Fitness Mistakes Made by Women in the Gym

Top Fitness Mistakes Made by Women in the Gym

Almost every woman stepping into the gym does it with the intent of being able to look shapely and toned whenshe steps out. However, due to lack of knowledge about the principles of training, often they end up with results that don’t please them. Some top mistakes to avoid in the gym:

  1. Performing Side Bends

    Even though this is possibly one of the most popular exercises, working the muscles you have underneath the layer of fat on the waist only serves to make your waist thicker and from the front, you appear wider, quite contrary to what you want the exercise to achieve. The only reason why you should ever do side bends is if your personal trainer advises you to do so for a specific reason. Ideally, you should be performing weight training that will give you the flat tummy, tight glutes, shapely arms and calves that you are aiming for.

  2. Not Consuming Protein after Working Out

    Many women think that eating anything after working out intensively will undo whatever good has been achieved. However, it is only when that you have a good protein intake after working out that the broken down muscles can be repaired and additional mass added. You can use one of the many commercially available protein shakes or you can make one very simply with whey protein, carbs, and L-glutamine. Experiment to find out the proportions that works best for you. You can also consider ordering steroids online to accelerate your progress.

  3. Being Afraid of Lifting Weights

    Again, many women simply hesitate to include weightlifting in their training routine for fear of adding bulk to their chest and arms. You really need to understand that just as doing hours of cardio exercises will bring about any significant changes in your body shape so will working out with weights. It is only with weight training that you will be able to achieve the perfectly proportioned and shapely figure that you have been hankering for. The muscle mass that you build up working the weights also makes you burn more calories than before even when you are resting.

  4. Doing the Same Exercises Every Single Day

    Muscles need time off for the repair and rebuilding to take place. Without allowing for this your muscles will never achieve the toned look that you have been looking for. When you do the same exercises daily, you not allow the relevant muscles adequate rest that is required. It is a good policy to have a routine that works out each muscle group once per week so that they have the time for the repair required.


Contrary to popular belief, excessive cardio does no good at all. Apart from lifting your heart rate, you end up by increasing the amount of cortisol that slows down your metabolism. Limit cardio to three times a week for 30 minutes each. Also, ensure that you drink water copiously. This will not only slake your thirst but also serve to flush out the toxins that accumulate in your body and enhance your metabolism.

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